A message from Markus Flückiger, Leader OM Switzerland

Image courtesy of OM Switzerland
Image courtesy of OM Switzerland

It happened on my last visit to Lucknow in the Northern part of India. We visited one of our 107 Dalit-Education Centers (schools) outside the big city when we passed a town proud of their buffalos. I asked my Indian friends about the risks of killing a buffalo on the street. Their answer: Approx. 2 years of jail could be possible. What then, I asked further, if the same happens with a woman from a Dalit (outcast) background. The shocking answer was: Maybe 2 days in prison.

Women and children from a Dalit background in particular (around 250 Million people are outcasts in India) are suffering from oppression in India. Some would say it makes India the least safe place on earth for women. Recent events reported in news headlines are giving evidence of it.

By the request of local Dalit leaders OM India has built schools in areas of great poverty throughout the subcontinent. Creating a safe place where children and particularly girls can receive valuable formation. Please have a look at this video clip where Pryianka an amazing girl from the school in Sidhauli is explaining her background and how proud she is to attend school.

Dalit children playing on a slide
Image courtesy of OM Switzerland

Normally children in India are asked to work hard at home, so the gift of “Fabulous Friends” has been a great help and encouragement to start building play-grounds for two different schools in Northern India. Thank you so much!

For any question please feel free to contact us.

Markus Flückiger, Leader of OM Switzerland

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