A nice letter from Malawi


Dear Sir/Madame,


I, on behalf of Kazembe School, would like to say thank you very much for kindly donating a school block at the school.

The members of staff, learners at the school, the community do not take this donation for granted. In fact it has made learning to be better for the learners, and also has improved the beauty of the school.

We appreciate very much this precious gift.

The last school session we had a visit to Mua Mission Museum. This was made possible by your organization, and the school was very happy with the trip. This encouraged some learners to come to school.

We also have had some donations from the volunteers (i.e. exercise books pens, and pencils just to mention a few).

Currently the school is very happy with the coming of help2kids.  I hope the bonds of friendship existing on both parties will grow from strength to strength.

The members of staff assure you that they will tirelessly work hard to achieve the intended goal.

Lastly, I wish all the best on your daily undertakings.

Best Regards,


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