A message from the Founders of Slow Motion Projects

Dear Fabulous Friends

Thanks so much for supporting Slow Motion Projects in its initiatives encouraging the environmental education of children in Mongolia and in ChinaSlow Motion Projects is a young NGO based in Zurich, Switzerland, with the goal of allowing rural communities in Asian countries to improve their living conditions in an environmentally sustainable way. In simple terms: help people in need and help the planet, at once.

Image by Slow Motion Projects
Image by Slow Motion Projects
To achieve this mission, Slow Motion Projects partners with local NGOs and creates environmental education and outreach projects. Thanks to the generous donation of Fabulous Friends, we will be able to:
  • take kids from the slums of Ulan Bator to camping trips in the Mongolian wilderness, so they discover and reconnect with nature. They will also playfully learn about the impact of human activities on their environment and put up anti-littering signs;
  • extend an outdoor playground at the day care centre of Bayasgalant, our partner NGO in Mongolia. The kids will get a greenhouse, gardening material, and bird nesting boxes.
  • build and equip a library and game corner at the day care centre for the Bayasgalant children;
  • renovate the exhibition hall of the Green Education Centre, the environmental museum set up by Yunnan EcoNetwork, our partner NGO in the Yunnan provice of China;
  • design a new exhibition for the Green Education Centre, informing children and students from schools and universities in Yunnan of solutions for preserving their environment, and allowing them to learn interactively about the richness of the wildlife in their region.
Image by Slow Motion Projects
Image by Slow Motion Projects

More details on all these projects are on our website at slowmotionprojects.org.

We want to support people in building a sustainable future and enable sustainable growth for all. By leveraging the emotional connection of people with their homeland, and helping local populations in developing sustainable and future-looking solutions to improve their living conditions, we believe we can battle poverty on low-carbon pathways.

Fabulous Friends, thanks for your support and your trust in our association. Thanks to you, hundreds of children will get the right to a fairer and more sustainable future.

Kind regards,

Lisa Bounoure, Nicolas Perony, James Glattfelder, founders of Slow Motion Projects.


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