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Hi everyone. According to our mission we support projects involving education (classrooms, libraries, etc…) or play (playgrounds, sportsfields, etc…). But every rule has an exception. And this post is the one exception. The exception is called “Humans of New York”. One of the finest stories in the wide web. One of those stories than restore faith in humanity.

The American photographer and blogger Brandon Stanton does not only post pictures of ordinary people he meets on the streets of New York; every now and then he embarks on greater project. One of those was the fundraising for Vidal and his school, ignited by this post.

Image by Humans of New York
Image by Humans of New York

Unfortunately we missed to be part of that. But we did not miss his latest one where he posted stories gathered from the Pediatrics Department of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.

Image by Humans of New York
Image by Humans of New York

They weren’t easy stories to read. They were war stories. But as with every war, there were heroes. Thanks to Brandon, we’ve met the amazing doctors, nurses, and researchers who have committed their lives to this fight. We’ve meet the moms and dads who refuse to crumble while living out their greatest fear. And most importantly, we’ve met the reason that everyone is fighting, and the greatest warriors of all—the kids. So yes, this exception is justified. We are honoured, that we could be one drop in the ocean of generosity that Brandon has sparked.

The world needs more “Humans of New York”.

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  1. I don’t know anything about your organization (yet) but I just noticed your very generous donation for in the HONY fundraiser pediatric cancer treatment and research. I’m just another person who donated but someone should thank you personally.

    Thank you.

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