Good News from Tacloban

Today a message from Michael from  JE Mondejar Computer School in Tacloban City reached us:

“Since 2014, 3 classrooms were newly built, 20-30 children are going to school now per room. Some of the youngest in our school are supported by the Swissair foundation. Thanks to fabulousfriends we were able to build the Kindergarten, which was completely destroyed by the horrible Taifun Yolanda.

We did rebuild the Kindergarten in 2014 and 2015. With our programme “each one, teach one” we were able to give education to children who have no chance to visit a school. These kids are mostly from the neighborhood, an area, which has been badly hit by the Taifun.

Most of the parents are still without a job and can’t afford school for their children. Kindergarten gives young children a daily structure and brings job opportunities to their parents. Meanwhile more and more children are participating the program. A destroyed city can only restart if education is given. It will still take years to recover, but the first steps are done. Thank you, fabulousfriends!”

Michael Steiner

Thank you guys. Keep up the great work in Tacloban. 🙂

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