Sunnie’s Scholarships in Kenya

Somewhen at the beginning of this year, my good friend Sunnie posted her idea on Twitter.

Nicolas a good friend and Sunnie’s fellow member of the Global Shapers Zurich Hub had tragically lost his life while skitouring in the Swiss Alps. Besides his love for nature and sport, Nicolas dedicated all his energy and time to making the world a better place. He worked passionately for the non-profit Aiducation and mastered the skill of bringing people together from all over the world.

Image by Global Shapers

In his spirit, Sunnie launched a fundraising campaign to enable students to receive a secondary education through Aiducation scholarships in Kenya. Not only this, Sunnie also vowed to run the Zurich Marathon to increase visibility and funding.
(For more infos about Aiducation check this video)

This project is so right for so many reasons, so it was an honour for us to join Sunnie on this. Her fundraising enabled three scholarships which we could raise to five by
From Aiducation we

Now, some months after, the first reactions by Bridget and Kevin’s mums reached us.

Mum to Bridget: “I am extremely happy for this amazing news! Ooh thank you so much Aiducation for choosing my daughter because I have been burdened with the school fees payment. You are godsend to come and help me out of  these agony that I had been in. Be blessed abundantly.”

Mum to Kevin: “Whaaat! I can’t believe this. My boy is now going to school! I am even short of words to describe how happy I am because since he was sent home for fees in the mid of first term he has never reported back to school. Because I am jobless and I cannot raise money to pay his fees. Thank you so much Aiducation you are such great people! You have given us hope again and opened doors which were shut. We shall never forget your kindness and support. May God bless you immensely.”

We are overwhelmed and looking forward to reading more from you.

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