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In August 2021 Aiducation reached out to us, to ask if we would like to support Solomon. Solomon was just about to be kicked out of High-School as his family couldn’t afford anymore his schoolfee. With an Aiducation scholarship, a young talent is beside visiting the school also able to take part in Aiducation’s unique mentoring program and thus become part of an alumni network. 

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Solomon is a 16-year-old boy from Kilifi, Kenya. He is from a family of eleven children, seven girls and four boys with Solomon being the last born. He comes from a very disadvantaged background, a situation which has been worsened by his father now suffering from prostate cancer which started one and a half months ago after facing kidney challenges. The mother who is a housewife is the one now taking care of the family.

Challenges facing his community include low literate level, a challenge Solomon’s family is trying to eradicate by using the little they have to educate 2 other siblings who are also in High School.

Image by Aiducation

Aiducation International’s scholarship program has enabled Solomon join his dream high school, Ribe Boys. This scholarship not only positively impacted Solomon’s life but also that of his community.

Solomon is now in Year Two of high school education, passionately working towards the realization of his career ambition of becoming a Neurosurgeon. He also has a vision to building an orphanage in his community to support the orphans and other needy children.

Solomon’s father: “I truly appreciate your support and I am glad you considered my son. I am so happy, very delighted. His studying will now be smooth and very peaceful. My family and I appreciate.”

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