Humans of New York

Hi everyone. According to our mission we support projects involving education (classrooms, libraries, etc…) or play (playgrounds, sportsfields, etc…). But every rule has an exception. And this post is the one exception. The exception is called “Humans of New York”. One of the finest stories in the wide web. One of those stories than restore faith in humanity. The American […]

Seeding nature education at the Bayasgalant day care centre

Driving through the muddy streets leading to the Bayasgalant day care centre, one will see precarious housing, stray dogs and strewn garbage. This vision echoes what Boogii, one of the social workers at the centre, told us: in families of the Ulan Bator ger (yurt) districts, parents are often unemployed or earning too little money […]

A message from Jeevaline from Pratigya Children’s Shelter

About Preventing Dalit Girls Entering Sex Slavery India’s Joginis are dedicated to a goddess when they are still young children, sold for sex when they reach puberty, and condemned to a lifetime of ritualised prostitution. Dedications are illegal, but it still goes on. Almost all Joginis are Dalits. Nine out of every ten are following […]

A message from Ellanie van Rooyen from Tshega Christian Missions

Dear Fabulous Friends, We have been blessed by your support and would like to thank you for your contribution towards our Educational Program. South Africa, Limpopo Province is a region of contrasts, from true bush-veld country to majestic mountains, primeval indigenous forests, unspoilt wilderness and patchworks of farmland.  This is the home of Tshega Christian […]

A message from the Founders of Slow Motion Projects

Dear Fabulous Friends Thanks so much for supporting Slow Motion Projects in its initiatives encouraging the environmental education of children in Mongolia and in China. Slow Motion Projects is a young NGO based in Zurich, Switzerland, with the goal of allowing rural communities in Asian countries to improve their living conditions in an environmentally sustainable way. In simple […]


Aloha everybody, I am absolutely speechless. Thanks to a big booking by a Swiss Private Bank, we were able to raise 43’500.- Swiss Francs for our projects. That is a plus of +80% compared to 2014. I have no words for this. All together, over the last 4! years we managed to fundraise close to 100’000.- […]

A message from Mark Kuster, Founder of Camaquito

Der begünstigte Kindergarten “Ismaelillo” befindet sich im Municipio Sibanicú (Provinz Camagüey). Dieser wurde im Jahre 1987 gebaut. 180 Kinder zwischen 1 und 5 Jahren werden dort betreut, darunter auch behinderte Kleinkinder. In den Jahren 2010 / 2011 wurde der Kindergarten komplett renoviert. Für 2016 sind Unterhaltsarbeiten vorgesehen. Offizielle kubanische Projektpartner waren die Bildungsdirektion der Provinz Camagüey […]