December 23rd, 2018

It all started on a cold December night in 2012. Instead of the classical expensive presents, I decided, to wish for something bigger, more sustainable. I wanted to do something. Maybe even build something. Something that would make a difference in someone’s life. The idea of the Fabulous Friends was born.

Over the last months and years more and more joined. No matter if as private persons, as small enterprises or as corporation, they all supported the idea. Now, six years later we have projects all over the world and I think, this is simply amazing. But we are not done yet and to spark the next level of our vision, on November 12th 2018, I founded the association “Marvelous Friends”. To offer even more children a better life and a sustainable future through education and play.

Thanks to everyone who shared this idea with me. All donations – small and large – are greatly appreciated and more significant than you can imagine. But most of all… Thank You Lord for the countless Blessings You give us.

Thank You,