Alex’s Highbury

Dear Alex & Manuel

We are excited to tell you that Alex’s Highbury is being used daily by the local youth. We are so happy with the finished sports field, as it can be used for football, volleyball, floorball and basketball. Everybody loves trying out the different sports! We even got some volunteers from Switzerland who could teach the local youth floorball, as nobody had ever played that before.

Image by Hope Group

Our Amsha (awaken in Swahili) group wants to get unemployed and homeless youth off the streets. Many of them take drugs and have no perspective in life. But our social worker Faraja really noticed a difference in several youth’s lives when they started coming to play sports every day. Suddenly they were playing as a team, exercising and motivated to find a new sense in their lives, instead of just hanging around and getting into trouble.

Image by Hope Group

We are so glad to have this sports field, it opens doors into the lives of the abandoned youth here and everybody has fun on the way!

Thank you so much!

Image by Hope Group

God bless you,

Susanna and the whole Amsha team

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