A swing into imagination

Dear Manuel,

We thank you and Marvelous Friends for the gift of our playground.

When we installed it we didn’t know who will be the children to use it. What will be their stories…. Now, about two years after, we have eight children living in Casa Girassol. Six children who find a refuge, a calm place in the backyard up on the tower, they fly on the swing forgetting the past of violence and negligence they suffered within their biological families.

Image by Casa Girassol

The one who played there the most is Naiara. When she came she was full of bruises, always with a headache. We know that her mother hit her a lot. With the time the headache became less and the bruises disappeared. She is a happy girl of four years who is full of imagination and love for them around her.

There are Bruno, Alice and Halysson, three adolescents from 11 to 13 years. In this difficult time of their lives they have to live with many different people that are not family. But today I am happy. Out of nothing appeared an aunt and told us that she wants do stay with her nephew. That makes us really happy! 

Thank you very much for your help, God bless you!


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