Lami and his friends

Marvelous Friends’ mission is to engage in concrete projects involving education or play. Every now and then though, a fragile, personal story reaches us. That is when we set the plan aside and just do.

Lami and his friends are one of these stories.

We heard about Lami a little more than a year ago. Erna, which does humanitarian work in Central Asia wrote about him in a magazine. Lami is a young boy who was born with a malformation in his face. Lami really wanted to go to school, but his father was very worried, that he would be bullied.

This touched me so much.

But what could we do…?

We sent Erna 1’000.- Swiss Francs. If you think, they wouldn’t make a difference, think again.

Here is Erna’s letter that just reached us:

Dear Manuel, January 9, 2022

I would like to give you an update on how “Lamir”, the gypsy boy, his sister Aisha and two other students who have benefited from your donation are doing.

Recently, Lamir was invited to a woodworking project to learn some manual skills. He has been going there since December. We are curious if he will attend it consistently, since he now also has to learn arithmetic, measuring, drawing.

In August, the father came to pick up money for new school clothes for 1st grader Aisha. During Covid time last year she dropped out of 1st grade because her father moved to Russia for work. She couldn’t handle that and then dropped out of school shortly after because there are very few Gypsy children going to school in her neighborhood. The daily encouragement from the father that she go to school regularly was missing and the habit because of Covid irregularities were not yet deeply established that she went to school independently. Now, however, the father has returned and re-enrolled Aisha in school starting in September. She has completed the first semester in the 1st grade. The day after tomorrow the schools will start again after a short winter break. She is the first in her family to go to school. This is sometimes difficult for her because she has few role models and only illiterates around her.

For his job, the father needs a driver’s license. With it he could drive the truck for asphalt, instead of the heavy manual work with the shovel. He would definitely need to lighten his work as he has received back problems. Since he is illiterate, it did not work out to get the driving license by the end of the year. He hopes to succeed in January. This is a prayer request because the corrupt police might “siphon” more money from him. I supported him with 50%, because his income is not enough for such additional expenses.

28.08.21School clothes Aisha again 1st grade 3000
28.08.21Transport to bazar K-S 200
24.09.21Driving medical tests stamps Hair. & transport 100 1450
24.09.21Loan for 2500 driv.benzine, 2000 driving teacher, rest 5000
07.11.21Loan for 4000 driver lessons, 4000
07.11.21Gift for food, as only 1000 left (pay funeral gift) 4000
13.11.21Driving exam after talking to his teacher 5000
21.12.21Failed driving theory, add for help new police contact 2000
Failed theory exam, has to redo it 2000
Total22650 (Approx. 300.- CHF)

What an impact even a little donation can make.

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