Kindergarden in Cuba

Camaquito is a politically and religiously independent children’s charity in Cuba in the areas of education, sports, culture and health. It was founded by Mark Kuster in 2001.

Image by Camaquito
Image by Camaquito

The projects of Camaquito focus on the province of Camagüey, in the heart of Cuba. The city of Camagüey is the capital of the province of Camagüey. It has the character of all middleage cities in Cuba. The many winding streets ends all on small piazzas. With about 280,000 inhabitants, it is the third largest city of Cuba. It is an important transport hub for the railroad and supplies almost the whole province with electricity. The reservoirs of hydroelectric power plants guarantee the water supply during the dry season. The province is also home to 20 percent of the Cuban livestock, making it very important for meat and milk. In agriculture, the province mainly produces citrus fruits and sugar cane. In recent years, the airport was built in Camagüey and the old town renovated. Thus, the government wants to make the province with its coral reefs more attractive to tourists. Since 2003 Camaquito has a project office in Camagüey, which is led by the founder Mark Kuster.

Camaquito support needs and impact-oriented children and adolescents in Cuba in the areas of education, sports, culture and health. Camaquito distributed in the recipient country not only money, but works directly and project-related. In recent years, Camaquito was able to sustainably invest 1.5 million Swiss francs in Cuba thanks to its donors.

Under this link you can read more about Camaquito.

Image by Camaquito
Image by Camaquito

After meeting with Mark we decided to support the renovation of the “Ismaelillo” Kindergarden. The Kindergarden was built in 1987. 180 children aged between 1 and 5 years are looked after, including some disabled infants. In the years 2010/2011, the kindergarden has been completely renovated. Fopr 2016 Maintenance work is planned.

We decided to support Camaquito by taking the patronage for the renovation work. This will help keep the kindergarden nice and welcoming for the kids in the years to come.

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