Where a kid can be a kid

Dear friends, we are delighted to inform you, that we have found a new project.

In 2004 Mbalizi Evangelistic Church (MEC) and Missionaries started the Hope Group for orphans. The children get daily warm meals and school supplies, as well as school uniforms. They also have the opportunity to join the fun program in the afternoon and the tutoring. All the children live with relatives, mostly with their grandmothers, and only come to the program during the daytime.

Image by Hope Group

The Hope Group is currently housed in an old hospital. The team has 
a big dream to build a new orphan center on a plot provided by the church. The new center will come with larger rooms, better facilities and a playground. Until now they can only play inside because the current center is located directly at the main road.

Image by Hope Group

This is were we decided to join in and take patronage for the building of the playground. The plan is to start the works this summer.

Below is a picture of the plot we got and children’s drawings of what their playground should look like. The team is looking forward to having this place soon, to play outside and for the kids to have a place to be kids.

Image by Hope Group

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