A message from Ellanie van Rooyen from Tshega Christian Missions

Dear Fabulous Friends,

We have been blessed by your support and would like to thank you for your contribution towards our Educational Program.

Image by Tshega Christian Missions
Image by Tshega Christian Missions

South Africa, Limpopo Province is a region of contrasts, from true bush-veld country to majestic mountains, primeval indigenous forests, unspoilt wilderness and patchworks of farmland.  This is the home of Tshega Christian Mission’s which birth was kindled in 2004 and only got registered as a Non Profit Organization in 2006. The organization initially focused on using education in the village Fobeni as a service delivery tool reaching people with the gospel, now after 12 years we have expanded into a more holistic transformational approach with five programs.

Children playing in villlage
Image by Tshega Christian Missions

Conditions in rural areas still have many shortcomings despite their potential; poverty and under-development are reflected in the quality of education available. It argues that the achievement of real quality in education in rural areas will only come about when there is significant social and economic development in those areas. Until then, the education provided in rural areas will limit people’s opportunities to an effective affect on the socio economic development, lead long, healthy and creative lives, or to acquire knowledge and enjoy freedom, dignity and self-respect.

Image by Tshega Christian Missions
Image by Tshega Christian Missions

Staggering statistics concerning the rural village education system is alarming.  After an Applied Research done in 2009 it was established that poverty, crime, abuse, water shortages, HIV/AIDS/health, employment and poor social services contributes to the villages’ already heavy social strain.

Your contribution is making it possible for us to build on a more productive future.  We believe that our countries circumstances can changed through holistic, well balance and dynamic education, not only education – but the ability to use our knowledge towards the socio economic upliftment of our community and people around us.

Aristotle had a very valid point when saying:  “Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.”

Image by Tshega Christian Missions
Image by Tshega Christian Missions

The outcome of your contribution:

  1. Complete the building of a classroom that would serve as a primary level education facility.
  2. The building of the classroom will create two new jobs for an area that has an unemployment rate of 94%.
  3. The building will be used to teach 35 children. Education has a lasting affect and will benefit the child, its family and the community!

Your investment has changed people’s legacies from hopeless to HOPEFUL.

Thank you.

Ellanie van Rooyen

Tshega Christian Missions/CEO






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