Pratigya Shelter Home project completed

Executive Summary

Good Shepherd Ministries is transforming disadvantaged communities across India through access to English medium education, healthcare, skill development, and advocacy and shelter homes. There is an urgent need for a shelter and a home to provide protection and a safe place for these children to grow physically, mentally and emotionally.

The day care center has 23 children with 12 Boys and 11 Girls: and with two teaching staff. Children are taught music, songs and dance to enjoy and develop social skills.  They use practical methods through sharing, touch and feel method. It’s amazing how, with a little help and support, we can effectively transform the lives of those in danger of being enslaved. Giving protection and education to these marginalized children who can have a decent future like any child should.

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Key Activities completed and outputs achieved

We were overwhelmed and touched by generosity of our donors towards sports equipment for the children. The contribution was utilized to bring ‘smile into play’. With a refurbished & renovated ‘Jungle Gym’ and ‘Sand Pit’ Good Shepherd Daycare now brings smiles to children of GS/OM staff and children from vulnerable communities especially girls from Pratigya Shelter Home

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Apart from this redevelopment and makeover new toys and learning material were added repertoires of Day Care. Apart from smiles these educational toys encourage imagination, incorporate real life learnings, develop reasoning skills, improve hand eye coordination and build fine motor skills.

The Preschool now boats to benefit children who would otherwise not have the opportunity to access these wonderful blessings.

Key outcomes/indicators achieved

A case in point being 3 year old Divya was having difficulty coordinating her limb movements.  Teachers spent several sessions with her in play therapy including jungle gym. Few months of therapy has made her limb movements more coordinated and her parents are very grateful for the change. Another encouraging result with couple children who had delayed speech. After several months of sustained play therapy and educational toys they have made remarkable progress.

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