A very special “Thank You” from our friends at Slow Motion Projects

Last week I received a very special, personal “Thank You” video from our friends at Slow Motion Projects. The video was recorded by the Indian NGO Nature Science Initiative, their partner on the field. Garbage pollution in India does not only heavily impair public health, it also affects agriculture and greatly hinders the nation’s economy. Awareness and engagement of the public […]

Life at the Green Education Center

The vision of battling poverty on low-carbon pathways brought Lisa & Nicolas to China. There they went to visit Yonsong Chen and his activities. In 2001, Yonsong Chen decided that his life had to change. Chen, a former employee at the foreign affairs office of the Yunnan province government, worried about the low public concern for environmental protection […]

Things grow at the Bayasgalant day care centre

Lisa and Nicolas did not only go on cool excursions with the kids. They also helped creating an outdoor playground for the young children at the Bayasgalant day care centre. They set up the necessary infrastructure for gardening activities, and also brought to the day care centre expansion equipment for the kids to observe and connect with nature. It […]

Excursions in Mongolia

You might remember our friends Lisa and Nicolas. They run Slow Motion Projects, which wants to encourage the environmental education of children in Mongolia and in China. Well. They sent us some news out of Mongolia. This first post tell about their four excursions of one to three days in the nature around Ulaanbaatar, for over 100 children aged 3 to 19. You […]

Seeding nature education at the Bayasgalant day care centre

Driving through the muddy streets leading to the Bayasgalant day care centre, one will see precarious housing, stray dogs and strewn garbage. This vision echoes what Boogii, one of the social workers at the centre, told us: in families of the Ulan Bator ger (yurt) districts, parents are often unemployed or earning too little money […]

A message from the Founders of Slow Motion Projects

Dear Fabulous Friends Thanks so much for supporting Slow Motion Projects in its initiatives encouraging the environmental education of children in Mongolia and in China. Slow Motion Projects is a young NGO based in Zurich, Switzerland, with the goal of allowing rural communities in Asian countries to improve their living conditions in an environmentally sustainable way. In simple […]